Silver Prices Are Expected To Revalue Exponentially

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Do you know that during the first eras of the world, people made use of gold and silver to purchase? Well, this was a reality which took place some two thousand years ago. Now if we are going to look at the ratio of silver to gold during those times, the figure would be 12:1. Basically, that was the exchange rate observed during those old times. How do you feel knowing that during those days, an ounce of gold was basically exchanged to a dozen ounce of silver? Exchange rates may also vary from place to place during those periods but basically, the figure illustrated above is the average exchange rate!

The Time When Silver Prices Dropped

If the exchange rate of 12:1 has surprised you, there is another reality that will surprise you even more. Are you aware of the fact that prices of silver actually dropped to a low of 1:100? This took place in the United States under the decree which was signed and imposed by FDR. This appeared and implemented under the Silver Purchase Act, 1934. As a result, the government has augmented is stockpile of white metal to a whopping 3.5 billion ounces. Well, that was really a great stock of silver in the hands of the US government back then!

The Influx of Currency Supply

Silver Prices  have gotten in the way to recuperate simultaneously with the influx of other currency. It was in the year 1960 when silver prices have reached a high of 1.29 dollars per ounce. This was made possible by the copious influx of paper bills or money in the US monetary circulation. With such realities that took place in the country, the prices of the white metal have simply recovered from it severe low.

Investing on Silver

As of the present days, more and more people are doing mighty things to bring them mighty profits along the way and one of these ways include the investment of their money to silver. There are many different ways by which you can invest you money on silver but the easiest one is to present your money to the bank in exchange of silver. You can also melt silver coins and sell them for a profit. And since people are doing all possible ways to extract silver from the coins circulating in the US, the minting of silver coins was officially stopped in the country sometime in 1965.

Reasons Why Silver Prices Escalated

Right before the 1970s ended, the prices of silver have climbed so dramatically and were a way too fast. As a result, people kept on buying silver instead of selling them and this took place here, there and everywhere in the country. With the turn of the 80s, prices of silver were availed from five to fifty dollars per ounce.

As of the present days, with the catapulting prices of silver prices, more and more people have become interested to investing their money on silver. And if you are one among them, you may find it helpful to visit us at Golden Eagle Coin today!

Silver Bullion – What Successful Investors Did On their First Day

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In an industrialized world, silver bullion is undoubtedly a great investment because you can see the overwhelming demand for this precious metal. Thus, if you have an investment on these precious metal pieces, you are sure to enjoy the biggest ROI. The first step for you to take is to find a certified and reputable dealer of silver bullion particularly Golden Eagle Coin. Take note that there are lots of fly-by-night dealers out there hence you have to be extra careful if you don’t want to put your hard-earned money to waste.

The Basics of Silver Bullion Investment – Tips Before Buying

Silver Bullion successful investors who delve into this precious metal investment didn’t dive right ahead when they first entered the industry. Careful planning and observation is a must if you want to buy silver bullion and get the most out of your investment. Thus, the first thing to do is to understand the fundamentals of buying silver and investing your hard-earned money in this oftentimes intimidating industry.

Here are some of the basic things you need to learn and understand about this precious metal:

  • What is Silver Bullion – The original definition of this precious metal is the unformed or raw silver material. In the modern financial world, it is referred to as a refined product that has not been processed into a coin or other silver-based items and materials.
  • Why is Silver Investment Safe – Investing your money in precious metals such as silver is a secure and safe option because it is not easily influenced by economic inflation and other similar factors. This is especially true with raw and unformed silver as its valuation is not affected unlike numismatic silver value which depends on its rarity.
  • How does Silver Bullion Investment Work – If you choose to invest in this precious metal in its raw form, you would have to collect and purchase actual or physical raw silver pieces. Investors could opt for silver bars, lumps or bits in order for his investment to qualify in this particular category. There are however, other investors who opted to invest in silver funds or stocks rather than owning actual silver pieces or bars.
  • What Makes Silver Bullion a Valued Product – The value or price of this precious metal piece or raw material depends on its weight and that value could not be impacted or influenced by the ups and downs in the economy. There are commodities such as silver coins which have bigger and more silver contents and heavier weights that would guarantee its value.

Silver Bullion Buying and Selling

Wise and practical investors must first know how this precious metal is sold in the market. For instance, the typical silver bar or bit is sold in pieces referred to as silver rounds. The typical size of these silver rounds is approximately 1.5 inches or 44 millimeters. There are many other things you need to learn about silver bullion in order to make a successful investment in today’s competitive and overcrowded financial world.